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The Mikolajewski Report



In 1999 the Barbara Stoppel murder case was re-investigated by Sargeant A. Mikolajewski. He decided that remaining silent would only cause greater harm than good to the Winnipeg Police Service as well as he wanted the Stoppel family to have some closure. He was also compelled to write this report as he reviewed section 11.02 of the Rules and Regulations of the WPS. 


Section 11.02 of the Rules and Regulations states: "A member who witnesses a violation of has personal knowledge of or has probable grounds for believing that any other member has violated any law or provision of the regulations shall immediately submit a written report to the Division Commander. Such report shall give complete details of the alleged violation, together with the names and addresses of any witness who may know anything concerning the matter." During the course of his career he had been selected to numerous sensitive assignments requiring a high degree of integrity, impartiality, and honesty.


During the course of the investigation it was discovered that retired Inspector Ken Biener had destroyed numerous pieces of evidence from the case as well as had some in his personal possession. Based on this knowledge Mikolajewski decided this was grounds for a search warrent. This was discussed with Sargeant Vogen on several occassions and Vogan stated that it was not his decision and it would be up to the higher ranking officers. 


*March, 26, 2000, Mikolajewski pursued the case further by speaking with the executiive of the force about the warrent. His response was "We can't do that as he's (Ken Biener) a retired inspector." This comment was made in front of Vogen and Crown Attourney Rick Saull. 


  *April, 7, 2000, Mikolajewski met with Rick Saull again and another Crown Attourney Dale Scille. The importance of obtaining a search warrent was again discussed. 


*April, 30, 2000, Mikolajewski spoke with Constable John Burchill and advised that Biener be re-interviewed regarding the destruction of the the evidence but this was not to be done under charge and caution. Further, John did not allow Mikolajewski to obtain a search warrent as per Inspector McCaswell. 


*May, 5, 2000, Mikolajewski contated Ken Biener and requested that he attend the office for an interview further requesting that he bring his notebooks pertaining to the case and all the evidence he had in his possession. Ken denied having any of the evidence. Mikolajewski then stressed to him that he knew he had evidence that was required in order to proceed with the case against the new suspect. 


*May,10, 2000, Biener attends the office for the interview having his notebooks with him. After approximately one-hour he admitted to destroying most of the evidence and said he had the rest in his truck. Items including: Barbara's bra, underwear, shoes, socks and a kleenex with mucous on it. The mucous was believed to be the killers. 


NONE of this evidence was initailly tested for DNA. 

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