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Who killed Barbara Stoppel? Look back and consider a number of issues and the frailty of the conclusions that were drawn from them.

These include:


1.the initial interview with Thomas Sophonow conducted by Sergeants Wawryk and Paulishyn.
2.the nature of the eye-witness identification.
3.the investigation of Terry Arnold as a suspect.
4.the lack of testing of the twine for the chemical tracer. That test would have demonstrated that it was not the Powers Company located in Washington State which manufactured the twine but Berkley & Company with a plant located in Portage la Prairie.
5.the evidence regarding timing.
6.the allegations of sexual assault made in the third trial.
7.the investigation of the alibi evidence.
8.the use of jailhouse informants.
9.the disclosures which Crown Counsel acknowledged ought to have been made to Defense Counsel based on the requirements of disclosure of 1982.
10.the conduct of the trials.

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