Thelma Krull

      Thelma Krull mysteriously went missing the morning of July, 11, 2015. She lives on Filbert Street in the Harbourview South area in Winnipeg, MB. Her husband Robert, stated that nothing seemed out of the ordinary the evening prior to her disappearance. She left home at approximately 7:23 a.m., and could've been headed on a few different routes. Thelma was training for a week-long charity hiking event in B.C. that September, 2015. Her daughter explained to the media that it was not unusual for Thelma to be gone on walks for up to two hours at times. Robert explained that they had planned to meet at a Canadian Tire around 10 a.m. The family became concerned when she failed to show up at her grandson's birthday party that afternoon.  

      Krull most likely walked from her home, down to Concordia Avenue, and then towards East-Kildonen Collegiate. Her glasses and cellphone were found in the field between the high school, and the Valley View Community Centre. Police say the scene showed signs of distress, either due to a possible abduction, or a medical emergency. Pings from her cellphone went off during this time as well. It just seems so odd that a woman can just disappear, as this area of the city is quite active with people walking outside. It was fairly early, however someone had to see something, anything. 

      Thelma was last seen wearing tan hiking boots, dark capris shorts, and a bright-coloured t-shirt. She has short, dyed-blonde hair, with purple streaks. She is 5'4, and weighs 170 lbs.