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We started in July/2010, and we've been investigating haunted locations throughout the province ever since. We started taking pictures in cemeteries, but only came up with orb shots. We believe that there's not enough evidence to prove that orbs are anything but dust, or other small particles in the air. After taking many orb photos, we began using EVP. We start by asking a variety of questions to catch voices or any other odd noises, and then investigate possible paranormal sources. We rule out any traffic, wind, animals, etc., and often incorporate them, or utilize them as "white noise."

We investigate cases involving women who have been killed, and or, gone missing in Manitoba. The Barbara Stoppel murder investigation was our first major investigation. Barbara was sixteen years old when her life ended abruply.

Spirits are known to produce a lot of positive ions by giving off high amounts of electromagnetic charges therefore an air ion counter will be useful. Also EMF detectors and infrared thermal scanner detectors will be very useful in outdoor investigations.


We approach these cases from a factual point of view, as well as from a paranormal perspective. Once we get the facts and timelines of the incidents, we then go to the locations and do evps. This site is here for anyone interested in these cases, and the paranormal in general. We hope you enjoy our page!

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